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Welcome to Everlong Superior Finish Paints! 

Everlong Superior Finish Paint's are the UK's Award Winning and fastest growing brands of Chalk paint within the United Kingdom. Winning Business awards of the year and scoring higher quality product ratings then any other Chalk Paint brand within the market. 


What Makes Everlong Unique?

Everlong paint's are the UK's Original and first Chalk Based Furniture Paint which doesn't require any Waxing after painting. Everlong has a unique liquid wax blend which has been added to the paint, so there is NO Prior priming, stripping/sanding back. Just stir your tin and paint.... it's that simple!

You'll not only Save time on waxing but you will save money on expensive chalk paint waxes which are required by other Chalk Paint brands to finish your painted furniture. 

Everlong Superior Finish Paint's can be used inside and outside your home and can be applied to almost every surface you can think off from Wood, Veneer, Shiny surfaces, metals, stone, glass and much more!

Everlong.. What's not to love!